Danube Petfoods
Fenečka 107
11275 Boljevci, Serbia


In the cold-press process, kibbles are broken unequally and cannot be the same size. However, this process enables low temperatures and keeps more nutrients, and this is our priority. Our focus is quality and the composition of food rather than physical appearance of the product.

No. We use meat, vegetables and herbs from near-by suppliers of the region (Danube region). Long and risky transportation from remote countries is avoided. Kudo ingredients are always fresh and full of all the nutritious and important ingredients – as close to their natural condition as possible.

We do not use any artificial ingredients for nutrient kibble binding in the cold-pressing technology. A small part of the product is crushed, so the dust that you can find at the bag bottom has the same high nutritive value and it can and should be used for a meal. You can mix it with warm water and make delicious topping for your pet’s meal!