JUNIOR all breeds

KUDO CHICKEN & VEGETABLES JUNIOR all breeds is a perfectly balanced, complete meal for puppies of all dog breeds. Rich in proteins of animal origin and the most nutritious ingredients from fruit, vegetables, and medicinal herbs, it will help your pet grow into a healthy and vigorous dog.

• Cold press technology ensures maximal usability of nutritious substances.

• Optimal ratio between calcium and phosphorus; it is essential for the proper growth and development of a puppy.

• Carefully chosen and strictly controlled ingredients of top quality contribute to the proper development of your puppy’s immunity.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Crude protein 25%, Crude fat 14%, Crude fiber 3,4%, Crude ash 5,3%, Calcium 1,3%, Phosphorus 0,95%, Sodium 0,15%, Moisture max. 10%. Metabolizable energy: 3820 kcal/kg.

RAW MATERIALS: dehydrated chicken meat (34%), dried sweet potatoes, dried potatoes, chicken fat (13%), oat flakes (8%), chicken liver (5%), dried pumpkin (2%), dehydrated chicken liver (2%), corn flakes, dried carrot (1,2%), flax seed, chicory extract, dried herbs, beta glucans, vitamin-mineral mixture.

* Values presented as grams/food per day and are based on calculated ME as feed basis.

* Feed guidelines are a starting point; your dog might need more or less food depending on age, activity level, and temperament.

* You might need to adjust your dog’s food intake after some time. Always serve fresh water with each meal.

IMPORTANT: don’t use measure pot for extruded dog food, cold pressed food is much more dense. Use Kudo mesure pot or measure it on precise kitchen scale.