medium & maxi ADULT

KUDO LAMB & RICE ADULT MEDIUM & MAXI is a complete dry dog food. It is complete meal that contains all nutrients required for an adult dog of medium or large breed.

• Carefully formulated food with 51% animal origin offers an outstanding selection of proteins and high palatability.

• The optimal amount of pumpkin contributes to the right intake of vitamins and minerals; (and does not affect the change of hair color in white breeds of dogs).

• A natural source of antioxidants from fruits, vegetables and herbs.

• Balanced and nutritionally rich food with plenty of easily digestible proteins.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Crude protein 24%, Crude fat 14%, Crude fiber 3,2%, Crude ash 6,8%, Calcium 1,1%, Phosphorus 0,85%, Sodium 0,15%, Moisture max. 10%. Metabolizable energy: 3850 kcal/kg.

RAW MATERIALS: dehydrated lamb meat (30%), dried sweet potatoes, dried potatoes, beef fat (14%), rice flour (8%), lamb liver (5%), oat flakes (4%),  dried pumpkin (2%), dehydrated lamb liver (2%), corn flakes, dried carrot (1,2%), flax seed, chicory extract, dried herbs, beta glucans, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, vitamin-mineral mixture.

* Values presented as grams/food per day and are based on calculated ME as feed basis.

* Feed guidelines are a starting point; your dog might need more or less food depending on age, activity level, and temperament.

* You might need to adjust your dog’s food intake after some time. Always serve fresh water with each meal.

IMPORTANT: don’t use measure pot for extruded dog food, cold pressed food is much more dense. Use Kudo mesure pot or measure it on precise kitchen scale.