Why is Kudo food better for your beloved pet? The answer is simple, as is the nature’s way of dealing with it: despite the market demand for faster and more efficient manufacturing, we have chosen to follow the more natural, often less lucrative process. Kudo pet food is made in accordance with the unique cold-pressed technology, already known in the industry, but further developed among Danube Petfoods engineers. Cold-pressing is a technology that preserves most of essential nutrients, as it avoids overheating or pasteurization, which guarantees better nourishment, digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Kudo ingredients are always fresh and full of nutrients and important ingredients such as turkey meat, duck meat, lamb meat, beef meat, fish from the Adriatic Sea and chicken meat in the right ratio with sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, corn and oat flakes. Whether it is turkey and duck, chicken and vegetables, red meat and vegetables, Adriatic fish or lamb and rice – any Kudo Low Grain recipe will contain nothing but the best.

Danube Petfoods management is a family organized business, and that is why our policy is strict: cold- pressed, but warm-hearted.