We are Danube Petfoods, a family owned company, and we prepare dry, cold-pressed dog food for your beloved pets. A family business with more than 30 years of experience in the international agricultural food chain and with strong relationships with local farmers from the Danube Region brings to the market the dog food of the finest quality. Simplicity with an idea to treat pets and their digestive system just as the nature would, and did, for thousands of years.



To maintain work within a family means to apply standards even higher than those obtained in more formally regulated management teams of a corporation. This is because honesty is never to be corrupted among those who have dedicated lives and passion to each other, and to the work. Key quality inspectors in Kudo are, therefore, responsibility and trust, while we do firmly believe that without those, no genuine quality can ever be reached.


In order to supply our beloved housepets with the best possible food, Kudo uses the advanced cold press technology, so that the ingredients can be preserved in a form as natural and nutritious as possible. Cold pressing is a state of the art approach to the process of housepet food manufacturing. During our manufacturing process, food is exposed to a temperature that does not exceed 75°C. The exposure itself lasts for just a few seconds, so that, by means of such a method, the nutritive power of ingredients is preserved. We have developed our own unique process by adding of high content of very tasty natural meat gravy which makes our food irresistible to pets. We all know that when our pets feel bad, we also feel bad. That is why Kudo cold-pressed food keeps the ingredients in their natural form.


Besides other advantages, one of the most important benefits of cold press technology is the way that cold pressed kibbles disintegrate in the stomach of our pets. Once they get into the stomach, cold-pressed granules do not swell but dissolve very quickly.

Dissolved high-quality food ingredients are much more easily absorbed by the organism.

Cold-pressed dog food is a well-balanced food with all the benefits of a complete dry food.

Kudo dog food is as close to the natural nutrition of dogs as anything in the world!

Our cold-pressed food is used in portions which are by up to a third smaller than the portions of extruded dog food.

Besides the standard grain-free line, Kudo has now expanded its range of products with the low-grain offer of food for your pets. Apart from meat, vegetables, and fruit, this line of products contains a low percentage of carefully selected high-quality grains. In Kudo low-grain line is enriched with oat and corn flakes, accurately balanced, so that the availability of energy could be evenly distributed during the day. 



For thousands of years, the Danube, Europe’s mightiest river, is well known by its traditionally fertile banks around which Kudo ingredients are grown and harvested today. From the Alps to the Black Sea, environmentally, the Danube Region is home to some of Europe’s rarest species and is rich in biodiversity, with thousands of years of tradition in agriculture and related cultures. Modern technology based on timeless nature – the future of the Danube region is rich, and we are proud to be a unique company regarding the area where our product is being carefully made.



The relationship between Kudo people and farmers has been built over time and it did take some time for it to grow and to develop into the relationship we can use as a guarantee of the supreme food quality and origin. Honesty in the chain of Kudo begins here – at those selected farms, where our ingredients are being made and transported to us, promptly, never across continents or seas. Kudo never compromises for the freshness.


KUDO pet food has been made with the idea of genuine quality and carefully selected ingredients – but, first of all, with the idea of paying respect to nature that we borrow everything from.

The vision we aspire to is a long-term one. While creating for today, we work for the generations to come, leaving them with something solid and sustainable. That means we will never disrupt the balance inside natural resources and will respect the process of recovery. By selecting ingredients from a nearby farm, we also decrease the pollution and reduce the unwanted CO2 emission which is a by-product of transportation.

The cold-pressing process doesn’t only keep the essential nature of an ingredient, but also consumes much less energy than the process of extruding. Furthermore, the lower temperatures used for grain-making also reduce the energy loss. That is why we believe that cold-pressing is a technology of the future in the pet food industry.

And that is why KUDO people fully dedicate themselves to the product – we do so today, we will continue doing so in the days to come.

NATURE. We pay respect to it, and borrow ingredients

Adopt the pace of nature: its secret is patience. It took us some time and hard work to optimize the cold-pressing technology and make it unique, customized for Kudo consumers only. Tens of dozens of different recipes, trial formulas, hundreds of micro changes, and a lot of passion for making the most of the cold-pressing technology have resulted in an ultra-premium pet food – KUDO. Passion made us patient, just like nature, which we borrow ingredients from.


We are not only product makers but also friends to pets. We are strictly against any violent treatment of pets and against keeping animals in cages for food testing.
The test we are processing is home based, with our pets and pets of our selected customers. And that is one more reason to guarantee quality of our product > we are very confident about it, since we are testing it on our pets.
The animals eat only finished products that is nutritionally complete and has met our KUDO standards, we do not test individual ingredients on animals.
Our animals are in friendly facilities for them, so they can run and play. Our veterinary provides care service and medical examination for all pets.
Finally, the key thing is that the animals receive love and care they deserve and that is KUDO long-term commitment.