KUDO ADRIATIC FISH is a perfectly balanced complete meal in accordance with nutritional requirements for ALL SIZE adult dogs. It is rich in fish proteins and full of nutrients from vegetables and healthy herbs that will ensure good vitality and health to your dog.

• The product is easily digestible thanks to the technology of cold pressing that keeps ingredients in their natural form

• We use only wild caught fish from the Adriatic sea. Our suppliers must possess sustainable fishery certification.

• High content of fish oil provides omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids – a good support for skin and coat.

• Monoprotein formula is an excellent choice for sensitive dogs prone to allergies.

• Made without grains, potato or tapioca - low glycaemic index, better digestion, less allergies.

• Beta-glucans from dry brewer’s yeast and chicory root stimulate natural immunity.

• This recipe also contains pumpkin for better digestion.

ANALYTICAL CONTENT: Crude protein 27,3%, Crude fat 14,1%, Crude fibre 3,2%,Crude ash 6,7%, Calcium 1,1%, Phosphorus 0,9%,Sodium 0,15%, Moisture max.10%.

INGREDIENTS: dehydrated Adriatic fish(29%), dried peas, Adriatic fish oil(12%), dehulled buckwheat seeds*(not a grain), sun dried whole peas, whole buckwheat seeds*(not a grain), dried carrot(1,2%), flax seed, carob, dried apple,dried pumpkin, chicory extract, dried herbs (chamomile, rosemary, parsley)(0,3%), beta glucans, psyllium husks, vitamin-mineral mixture.
*Buckwheat is not a grain despite its name.

* Values presented as grams/food per day and are based on calculated ME as feed basis.

* Feed guidelines are a starting point; your dog might need more or less food depending on age, activity level, and temperament.

* You might need to adjust your dog’s food intake after some time. Always serve fresh water with each meal.

IMPORTANT: don’t use measure pot for extruded dog food, cold pressed food is much more dense. Use Kudo mesure pot or measure it on precise kitchen scale.

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